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Towers from Below


Jonathan Munro Ford


Jonathan began his career in engineering in the field of fire protection for offshore petroleum industries with Wormald International in Australia. He transferred to the UK after the Wormald acquisition of Mather & Platt Plc in the 70’s eventually gaining responsibility for the Middle Eastern arm which over the next 7 years he helped grow from an annual turnover of £3 million to over £76 million.


Subsequently Jonathan acquired Eagle international Group and moved on to other sectors including turn-key design and power generation. Jonathan is currently Chairman of Taylor Power Holdings Ltd, specialising in green energy such as Hydroelectric, Solar, Wind and Hydrogen. Eagle International Capital also recently acquired Ford Werner Capital as part of its financial portfolio.


As Chairman and founder of the Eagle Group Jonathan has focused his business mainly in the Asian developing and emerging markets particularly India, Bangladesh & Pakistan with further activities in both Australasia and Europe.

Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson

Commercial Director

Andrew is a graduate of St Andrews University.

After a career in technology, Andrew became involved in the UK Nuclear and Green Energy markets in 2009. He joined GPS Associates working in Westminster providing investment consultancy to the nuclear industry. Andrew worked in particular with Hitachi / Westinghouse. Subsequently in 2014 Andrew became a co-Founder of Natural Energy Wyre. This is the UK’s first tidal range project, based at Fleetwood in Lancashire. NEW also has a tidal power consultancy arm. Andrew is a member of the UK’s Tidal Range Alliance.


Andrew has advised the UK Government since 2014 on Energy policy.


Andrew has worked with Eagle International Group in various capacities since 2020, helping to develop its markets in the Asian developing and emerging markets particularly with further activities in both Australasia and Europe.

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