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The Present

To exploit and utilize the pool of expertise, managerial ability, heavy engineering experience and technical knowledge gained in the previous decades of involvement in manufacture and installation for the Power Generation, Smelting, Marine and Mining industries, Taylor Power Environmental was formed as a company within the Dovey Group of Companies.


The Dovey Group, whose head of office is in Cardiff, UK includes companies involved in a range of activities from industrial, office and retail property development to the design and manufacture of electronic components for the aero and automobile industries, and who have also long been engaged in heavy engineering projects such as harbour lock/gate construction, and in the steal industry by, for example, blast furnace rebuild.

Taylor Power Enviromentals; well qualified, highly experienced team of engineers, managers and technicians have built, managed and operated power stations and power plants on every contenant which, together with the backing of the Dovey Group, makes for a leading consultancy and organization for the provision and operation of power stations, including the training of locally recruited staff to help operate and maintain the power station post commissioning.

The goal of Taylor Power Environmental is to extend its presence internationally, with the focus on providing clean, high efficient, low emission power plants with, in addition, a service offering spare part supply, field service support and maintenance management.

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