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Unleashing Nature's Potential with Cutting-Edge Science & Innovation

The goal of Taylor Power Group is to extend its presence internationally, with the focus on providing clean, high-efficient energy solutions through a diversified portfolio that includes solar power systems, wind farms, biofuel, and tidal technology. By embracing a holistic approach to renewable energy, Taylor Power Group aims to contribute significantly to the global transition towards sustainable and environmentally friendly power sources.

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We have developed innovative agricultural and industrial solutions for the efficient, scalable production of biofuels from biomass and waste.

As a vertically integrated alternative energy technology company, we stand at the forefront of global bio-energy solutions, poised for rapid expansion. Our distinct and scalable solutions leverage more than two decades of groundbreaking research in applied agri- and industrial technologies. These solutions are designed to meet the pressing global need for decarbonizing biofuels, simultaneously addressing crucial socio-economic imbalances.

Our mission at Taylor Power Group is to uplift marginalized rural populations through our impact investing model to significantly reduce the relatively high incidence of poverty and bring dignity to the lives of indigenous people.

We will achieve this by rehabilitating degraded land for food supply, providing jobs and creating access to electrical power, roads, schools and medical care.

We work closely with academic institutions, central and local government, corporates, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as local farmers cooperatives and village leaders.

Tidal Technology

Our Director, Andrew Henderson, is part of the Natural Energy Wyre team which in Lancashire, is dedicated to introducing the Wyre Tidal Gateway, an environmentally friendly tidal power project spanning the River Wyre.

This innovative tidal energy plant, a first of its kind, has been meticulously designed to produce substantial amounts of clean, renewable energy for the residents of Lancashire and beyond. The generated power is expected to support up to 80,000 homes and businesses.

Five commercial projects have been developed globally between the 1960s and the present day, recent years have witnessed significant advancements in new technologies. In the UK the Wyre Tidal Gateway full-scale demonstration projects are currently in progress, showcasing the growing potential of tidal energy.

In addition, and more generally Ocean Energy Technology (OET) boasts various advantages, such as contributing to economic progress, security of supply and reducing CO2 emissions. It is crucial to endorse and prioritize OET to enhance its adoption, ultimately influencing global ocean energy marketplaces.

Tidal Power Technology
windfarm technology for greener energy and power supply in towns and cities


Modern wind turbines are increasingly cost-effective and more reliable and have scaled up in size to multi-megawatt power ratings.

Since 1999, the average turbine generating capacity has increased, with turbines installed in 2016 averaging 2.15 MW of capacity. Our research has helped facilitate this transition, through the development of longer, lighter rotor blades, taller towers, more reliable drivetrains, and performance-optimizing control systems.

At Taylor Power Group, we consistently oversee numerous operational wind turbines. Our goal is twofold: to enhance wind turbine design through ongoing optimization efforts and to leverage gathered data and insights for increased reliability and cost-effectiveness in wind turbine operation.


We collaborate closely with academic institutions, central and local government entities, corporates, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as international partners and local farmers' cooperatives.

Solar Power Systems

At Taylor Power Group, we stand at the forefront of solar power technology, spearheading the charge towards a greener future.


Our commitment to combating climate change is unwavering, and we bring our expertise to the table as a beacon of sustainable energy solutions. As leaders in the industry, we understand the critical role solar power plays in reducing carbon footprints and fostering environmental responsibility.

When it comes to transforming agricultural buildings and unproductive land into hubs of clean energy, Taylor Power Group is your trusted partner. We recognize the unique challenges posed by such spaces and tailor our solar solutions to maximize efficiency and output.


Our team of Planning & Applications Experts ensures seamless integration, navigating the complexities of regulations and permits to provide our clients with a hassle-free experience.

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